Make your next meal spectacular, and spice up your life with Rub Me Tender spice rubs! Our gluten free, all-natural spices instantly enhance beef, chicken, pork, fish and vegetables, one rub at a time.

Get your hand blended rubs individually, or all at once with our spice rub gift set!

Located in the heart of Bedford, New Hampshire, Rub Me Tender Spices offers

supreme quality and incredible flavor with each of our hand blended spice rubs.

Natural Herb & Spice Rubs in NH


Get more than a spice mix! Enjoy a healthy alternative that makes good food taste great, one rub at a time. At Rub Me Tender Spices, we use only the finest ingredients.


Earl Grey Spice Rub

Taste the smoky, mellow flavors and spicy citrus of our Earl Grey Tea Rub. Transform your cooking into a delightful, mouth-watering experience.

Spicy Coffee Rub

For those who love it spicy, our coffee rubs are where it’s at. Packed with flavors but without the heat, you’ll enjoy rich coffee notes with some added pep in this unique spice rub.

Green Tea & Mint Spice Rub

Our Green Tea & Mint Spice Rubs are hand blended to perfection, with 100% natural ingredients. With the ancient health benefits of tea, mint, cilantro, cardamom, basil, thyme and oregano, our Mint Spice Rubs are simply divine.

Moroccan Coffee Rub

We’ve captured the warm and exotic essence of Morocco in this mellow coffee spice rub. Taste the subtle warmth of coffee, cinnamon, brown sugar and cumin, with just a hint of red pepper.